Regatta.lu – Sailing Schools 2017

- from the 16th until the 22nd April 2017 in Brittany, France -

Further to this year’s great success, the 2017 edition of this nautical event intended for Luxembourgish high schools has been launched. It will from now on be called Regatta.lu – Sailing Schools.

Introduction and tournament

Regatta.lu – Sailing Schools is a regatta, a sport competition to sea, registered in the official agenda of the Luxembourg Sailing Federation (LSF), as well as an introduction to sailing for high school students. During a week, from the 16th until the 22nd April 2017, crews of 4 to 5 students will represent and defend their schools. Each group will aboard a yacht of more than 10m long, and be accompanied and guided by two experienced adults as skipper and co-skipper. Most of them actually work in education.

This event will allow young people to discover the pleasures of sailing, to acquire their first experiences and skills in seafaring, but above all to experience an unforgettable week with their friends and other sailing enthusiasts, whom they will meet.

Trustful organisers

Regatta.lu – Sailing Schools is organised by the Luxembourg Sailing Federation (FLV), in partnership with the “Groupe Luxembourgeois de Croisière et de Régate” (GLCR) and the “Service National de la Jeunesse” (SNJ). The event is also placed under the patronage of the “ministère des Sports” and the “ministère de l’Education nationale, de l’enfance et de la jeunesse”.

This constellation permits to establish the regatta by the book and to provide all participants with the best safety. Students are insured by the SNJ just as for other extracurricular activities, and skippers and co-skippers are insured as activity leaders by the SNJ and by the Federation’s insurances. Besides, the Federation ensures that every skipper holds the required sailing permit and sport licences.

An amazingly positive feedback

17 boats were part of the 2016 edition, counting up a total of 79 students and around forty adults as skippers, co-skippers and race committee members. The rate of satisfaction among students presents an impressive result of almost 100%. Moreover, involved organisations have also presented very positive feedbacks. This fair-play sport competition of 8 rounds has arisen interest among almost participants to live this beautiful experience again in 2017.

What will be new in 2017?

For the 2017 edition, dates have been set from the 16th until the 22nd April 2017, namely the second week of Easter holidays. It will take place, as in 2016, in Brittany (France), in the Quiberon Bay, leaving from and arriving at La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Crews of 4 or maximum 5 students will abroad on 34 to 37 feet sailing boats with their skipper and co-skipper. This journey will obviously include trips in marinas around the bay, to take a shower, go to the restaurant or enjoy a dancing night out to celebrate the week’s achievements.

A maximum of 24 boats will be available, hence this call to interested schools and students to subscribe as soon as possible. Besides, there will be a fixed amount of participating boats per school, in order to allow a maximum of schools to be part of the adventure.

Participation fees come to 540€ per student. They cover sailing boats renting and a complete technical assistance, the return trip by bus, food supplies for the whole week (on board and at the restaurant) and the friendly night out. The organisation and the management are entirely done by volunteers.

Other novelty: all details related to the event are gathered together on www.regatta.lu, a whole new website that will also be used as the registration platform. You can also follow the event’s news on its Facebook page.

Registration has started!

In order to ease the crews’ training, the organisation committee has decided to not accept individual registrations anymore. Schools have to appoint supervisors in charge of their respective high school to register their crew(s). Hence, a student or a crew will only be able to register through the supervisor in charge. Terms and conditions can be found in details on www.regatta.lu

At the end of 2016, the organisation committee will proceed to the distribution of available boats to different schools, and will confirm registrations to the crews.

Skippers and co-skippers will also find important information related to their role on www.regatta.lu and can already register HERE, subject to validation by the organisation committee.


Key facts of Regatta.lu – Sailing Schools 2017:

When? From the 16th until the 22nd April 2017

Where? Brittany, Quiberon Bay (France)

Who? Up to 20 crews, composed by 4 to 5 students, one skipper and one co-skipper

Organised by the LSF, the GLCR and the SNJ

Information and registration on www.regatta.lu

News on www.facebook.com/regatta.lu


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